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We value the educators and students that work tirelessly to better themselves and the world around us. That’s why we’ve put together a special L.A. Times digital subscription program just for you.

Get unlimited digital access to latimes.com and our L.A. Times app for mobile and tablet. You’ll also get early access to select L.A. Times podcasts, original video series, special news and events.

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Get unlimited access to an extraordinary resource. Explore distinctive and award-winning storytelling including investigative reports, in-depth local news, signature blogs, compelling photo galleries, original video content and insightful data analysis. All at a deeply discounted price.

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Uncover the versatility and convenience of this extensive educational tool. Captivate, engage and empower all of your students with award-winning journalism that shapes our local communities, our nation and our planet. Find out more about our special discounted pricing now.

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Give your educators what they need to thrive. Partner with us for unlimited access to award-winning journalism at a special rate. Teachers and students across the country are enjoying the benefits of unlimited digital access to an essential educational source. Find out more about partnering with the L.A. Times now.

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