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Remembering Hurricane Hugo battering South Carolina with author Mickey Spillane

I’ve written about midnight Sept. 1989. I’m remembering it again. Hurricane Hugo. Worst killer storm to ever hit the Carolinas.

Why Hispanic voters are rejecting the wokesters -- and its a huge problem for the Dems

One of the most significant events in American politics is that Hispanics are, in effect, deciding that they are working-class voters rather than ethnic-grievance voters. 

Why victims and their families, like me, have been betrayed by Kathy Hochul’s failure to fix bail reform

With every new case resulting from “bail reform,” we suffer all over again because we know it will not be the last, and the endless nightmare of pain and grief...

Still no ban on Congress’ stox trades, Xi a threat like Putin and other commentary

Congress not banning the stock trade and Xi Jinping's ascension into another realm of power are a part of these takes.

Does Trump realize he's now just the Democrats' stooge?

Former President Donald Trump is happy to serve as the Dems’ stooge, as long as it gets him the headlines he craves.

Letters to the Editor — Oct. 4, 2022

The Issue: Nine groups at Berkeley that have adopted a rule forbidding pro-Israel speakers at events. The bylaw barring pro-Israel speakers, adopted by nine UC Berkeley School of Law student...

The media aren't your enemy, Chancellor Banks — unless you treat them that way

Schools Chancellor David Banks refused to answer its reporter’s question about dangerous traffic conditions on streets near schools. Best not make that a habit, Mr. Chancellor.

Shrieking lefties hate democracy — their attacks on the Supreme Court prove it

As the Supreme Court begins to a new term that includes highly contentious cases on everything from voting rights to anti-Asian racism in elite college admissions.

'Senile' Biden is bringing shame to the United States

Whether or not President Joe Biden has dementia at this point is immaterial. Half the world thinks he does and that weakens the United States and imperils us all.

Germany’s disastrous choice, FDA’s vape admission and other commentary

“European dependence on Russia for energy was always a bad idea because of the character and behavior of the regime in Moscow.”