Twitch streamer Sliker has responded to accusations made against the content creator. In a recent Twitch stream, Sliker confirms that he took money to pay for gambling from multiple Twitch streamers and viewers, most of which he is still yet to pay back. While sobbing, he confirms the accusations and repents his mistakes, promising to pay back the loans. Sliker is mostly known for his Just Chatting streams, and although Twitch still allows gambling on stream, most of his gambling was not shown on stream. He also had a recent appearance in a streamer poker tournament hosted by BotezLive with other high-profile streamers.


Sliker has been under fire in the past few days from fans and fellow streamers. According to the accusations, Sliker sent videos and messages asking for money to both content creators and his Twitch users. False reasons given for the loan included his bank account being frozen. Everything unfolded after a clip showing Sliker asking for help privately surfaced recently, and others confirmed similar requests. Not unknown to controversy, Sliker has been previously banned from Twitch but has never had a scandal of this proportion.

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Popular Twitch streamers, including some with millions of followers like xQc and Trainwreck, had received these cries for help. While some had agreed to lend less significant amounts of money, others were sending Sliker tens of thousands of dollars. Trainwreck was one of the latter and said he had given Sliker tens of thousands of dollars as a gift, but it had ruined their relationship. According to Trainwreck, the first gift was $45,000 and there was another one not long after. Another Twitch streamer, lukeafk, lent Sliker $27,000. Twitch streamer xQc has gambling addiction himself, which perhaps that helped him to avoid falling for Sliker's request.

Sliker confessed to his wrongdoing on the Twitch stream labeled "here." In the 20-minute-long stream, Sliker confirmed that he had been lying to lots of individuals to borrow money. According to him, it was all because of his gambling addiction, which was initiated by in-game gambling mechanics. Even though he didn't want to blame the game, it all started with gambling with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins. Later on, his addiction developed into real money, and he was gambling "basically everything" he made on Twitch.

While Sliker acknowledged the mistakes he made, he says he didn't intend to scam anyone and was going to pay the loans back. He claims that some people he has paid back, and that he will pay all of them back, no matter how long it takes. Gambling is not an uncommon problem in the gaming community and Twitch in particular. In addition to xQc revealing his gaming addiction, streamer Mitch Jones lost nearly $50,000 to gambling in one week. Popular Twitch personality Pokimane recently called on Twitch to ban gambling on the platform, which is echoed by many streamers and viewers alike.

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