Fans of the Persona series and Shin Megami Tensei will likely be drawn to Soul Hackers 2 thanks to its Atlus branding. While the game does share some similarities with the company's other flagship franchises, it's very much its own entity, and this "revival of sorts" is proof that the developer is capable of producing a great JRPG experience regardless of the universe and characters. Very much its own standalone journey, players won't need to play the original Soul Hackers if they want to enjoy the RPG's engrossing storyline. Filled with an array of great characters, some pretty hilarious dialog at times, and some stunning visuals, Soul Hackers 2 is definitely a journey worth taking.

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But beneath the endearing (and sometimes heartbreaking) story lies a pretty complex system of gameplay mechanics, complete with character upgrades, side quests, turn-based battles, and demonic companions. All of it can be pretty overwhelming to players who are unfamiliar with this style of JRPG and its mechanics. Soul Hackers 2 also introduces a lot of entertaining and somewhat unique ideas, giving players a fun experience that feels pretty different from the "norm." To better help new players navigate the story of Ringo and her companions, the following directory contains tips, tricks, and other in-depth guides. Here's everything players need to know about Soul Hackers 2.

  • Everything To Know Before Starting Soul Hackers 2

    Soul Hackers 2 is a pretty long journey if players aren't hyper-focused on completing the main story. Those that stray from the beaten path, grind for levels, or complete a slew of side quests will find themselves skulking around Neo-Tokyo and the surrounding areas for quite some time. Add all the time that players will spend engaging in cutscenes and learning the in-depth mechanics of the game, and it's easy to see why the release might take a bit of time to fully complete. The following guides will give players a good idea of what they're in for, and prepare them with some beginner tips and tricks.

  • Upgrading Weapons, Unlocking Demons, Mistiques, and Other Mechanics

    There is a lot of stuff to figure out when first starting a journey through Soul Hackers 2. Although the "tutorial" is lengthy, some players may still feel a bit confused after entering the main game. That's because Ringo and her party are introduced to a slew of game mechanics rather quickly. Before players know it, they'll unlock access to food buffs, demon summons, fusions, weapon upgrades, and Mistiques. It can all be a bit overwhelming. The following guides pertain to all of Soul Hackers 2's mechanics, with an in-depth look at some of the more complicated ones.

  • Sidequests and Requests

    As players start exploring the different zones in Soul Hackers 2's overworld and dungeons, they'll begin to receive side quests from NPCs, and sometimes even requests from Demons themselves. Many of these are straightforward, but there are a handful that can be a bit more complicated, require extra steps, or offer up some seriously good rewards. Here's a look at some of the best, most complicated, or most important side quests available in Soul Hackers 2.

  • Combat and Bosses

    Combat in Soul Hackers 2 is pretty simple once players get the hang of things, but the title will still throw some curveballs at players from time to time. There are some enemies that have unique mechanics and some bosses that can obliterate a party if players don't understand how their "gimmick" works. The following guides cover everything players need to know about combat and bosses.