One gamer excited for the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has made an animation showing the Rock-type Klawf in the art style of the older games, Pokemon Black and White. Klawf is one of the new Pokemon coming in Gen 9, and as its name suggests, it has a design similar to a crab. As the gaming community waits for the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this recent animation reveals that some of these new pocket monsters look surprisingly good in the older art styles of the franchise as well.


This animation featuring Klawf was posted to Reddit by a user known as BobblaKei and managed to capture the unique look of this new Pokemon. According to the Reddit user, they had wanted to make a video that reimagined the Pokemon “kinda/sorta” in the Pokemon Black and White art style, and the final result was nothing short of impressive.

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In the clip shared by BobblaKei, Klawf was set against a turquoise background and was facing forward. While the animation was short, it conveyed the idea of the pocket monster being alive; it moved up and down slightly, suggesting that it was breathing. In addition, the Reddit user managed to convert the 3D design of Klawf from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet remarkably well to a 2D appearance. Some highlights of the design of the Pokemon included the bulging eyes of the crab-like Pokemon, which allow it to see in all directions, and it even had tufts of a fur-like substance sprouting from around the joints in its legs and claws and above its mouth.

Pokemon Black and White are part of Gen 5 and released on the Nintendo DS over a decade ago. With this in mind, it is understandable that some users on Reddit felt nostalgia surrounding this latest fan art featuring Klawf. The post shared by BobblaKei has already gained several hundred upvotes, and fans have been praising the work of the artist. For example, one user commented that they enjoyed the new pixel art look of the artwork. Furthermore, another gamer said that it reminded them of the sprites from the Mario and Luigi games on the Nintendo DS.

While this detailed animation of Klawf is impressive, it is not the only piece of fan art showcasing this upcoming Pokemon. One gamer even decided to make a shiny version of Klawf that imagined it with a grayish shell instead of an orange one. It will be interesting to see what other fan art on the internet this Pokemon becomes the subject of in the days leading up to the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

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