Marvel has partnered with EA's Motive Studio, the developer behind the upcoming Dead Space remake, Star Wars: Squadrons, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. This new partnership was revealed alongside the two Marvel heroes that will get their own standalone single-player games: Iron Man and Black Panther, with Motive Studio developing the former. With Motive Studio promising that more games and heroes will follow in future titles after Iron Man, fans are wondering which heroes will appear in video games going forward.


With so many great characters to pick from, the potential is nearly limitless, and fans worldwide will eagerly await more news in the hopes of playing as their favorite heroes. While it is unlikely that Motive will develop a Spider-Man or Wolverine game with both of those characters currently linked to Insomniac Games, there are many other fan favorites for the developer to select.

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Fantastic Four

The first ever superhero team created by the legendary comic duo, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Fantastic Four grew into one of the most popular groups in Marvel Comics. The team consists of Reid Richards, one of the smartest humans in the universe with the powers of making his body completely elastic; Invisible Woman, who can turn invisible and generate force fields; the Human Torch, who can engulf his body in and control fire; and the Thing, a nearly indestructible powerhouse. A game with the Fantastic Four could be similar to what Gotham Knights is doing with team-focused gameplay and online co-op play.

The Fantastic Four have fought against some of the most powerful villains in Marvel Comics history, and many of these iconic characters could make their way into the superhero team’s game. Arguably the most famous Fantastic Four villain is Doctor Doom, the direct rival to the group and a villain that has been a constant threat. Another great possible villain for a Fantastic Four group would be The Frightful Four, a group led by The Wizard and has housed notable members such as the Sandman, Electro, She-Thing, Carnage, and Taskmaster.


Novas are members of a galactic police force who patrol galaxies, eliminating any threats that may arise, similar to the Lantern Corps in DC Comics. In recent Marvel entries, the mantle of Nova has been held by Sam Alexander, a teenager who uses his new powers to protect Earth and join the Avengers. As with every Nova, Sam gains his power through the Nova Force, which he can control only while wearing his helmet. With this force, he is able to gain powers such as superhuman strength, flight, energy manipulation, force field generation, and the ability to survive in space.

As a member of the Nova Corps, he has come up against some of the most dangerous characters in Marvel Comics, and thanks to his role in the Avengers, his rogues' gallery is nearly limitless. Nova has fought against the likes of Thanos, Galactus, and Annihilus, the latter of whom was actually responsible for destroying the Nova Corps. With other villains like Diamondhead, and Dr. Sun, a game following the life of Nova would surely not lack villains for players to battle.

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Ghost Rider

One of the most powerful characters in all Marvel Comics, Ghost Rider has steadily gained more and more popularity throughout the years. Ghost Rider is also stacked with powers that help defeat nearly every foe he comes up against including superhuman speed, strength, Hellfire manipulation, soul manipulation, and supernatural awareness. Combined with his seemingly sentient bike, the Hellcycle, a Ghost Rider game would be a blast for players as they cruise around cities and landscapes.

As a fighter of the supernatural, Ghost Rider’s enemies usually hail from Hell itself. However, he has fought against the many heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. His most notable enemy is Mephisto, an extra-dimensional demon who rules Marvel’s version of Hell, with a plethora of powers including magical manipulation, immortality, shape-shifting, and reality manipulation. There are also villains such as Nightmare and Zadkiel, both of whom would also make excellent additions to a Ghost Rider video game.

Motive Studio could be exactly what Marvel needs to compete against DC Comics which is currently developing two games, Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. While none of these characters have been confirmed, Iron Man and Black Panther could introduce other heroes that could get their own standalone game in the future. With the studio’s expertise and the vast collection of Marvel Comics to pull from, the future of Marvel Comics video games seems safe in Motive Studio's hands.

An Iron Man game is currently in development.

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