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Cult of the Lamb is a colorful, unique, cute, and devilishly twisted Indie release from Massive Monster, in conjunction with publisher Devolver Digital. Players who frequent the offerings from Devolver know they're usually in for a strange and wild ride with the games they create and publish, and Cult of the Lamb is definitely no different. This adorably dark adventure blends the genres of Roguelike and Town Building Simulation, giving players a unique gameplay loop that's rewarding to both action fans and simulation enthusiasts.

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Although Cult of the Lamb seems like a bite-sized Indie game from the outside, it's been a labor of love for the developers, and it actually packs quite a bit of content into its runtime, with some sections possibly taking longer thanks to the completely random nature of the title's gameplay. Because of this, some players may find themselves struggling to make it through Cult of the Lamb's entertaining and unique loop, which culminates through a single-player storyline that stretches across multiple regions. New wooly cult leaders can use the following guides to help tend to their flock and cull the non-believers.